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What is technical analysis of stocks and is it worth learning?

Technical Analysis will use past historical data to predict the future , with the technical analysis we can understand market mood and behavior based on current price range and volume.

But these days there are so many indicators and patterns , there is no need to learn all these at first there are some basics every investor must know like what is Support , Resistance , Exponential Moving Average ,Trend lines, Golden cross, Death cross, Fibonacci retracement and basic Candle stick patterns like Morning Star, Evening star.

If you can learn the basics and you can interpret any chart because, chart will be the same but people will analyse differently , even though there are different patterns and indicators all will tell the same either stock is bullish or bearish.

But some people assume that Technical analysis will tell only how much stock price will increase but it’s not true it will tell stop loss also, If we are following stop loss strictly then only we can achieve proper results with Technical Analysis because it has it’s own limitations like external market conditions and news that affects the stock price, With Technical analysis we can expect how stock is going to move but we can’t predict with 100 percent accuracy.

But if you ever entered any stock at higher price and after market correction now your portfolio is in loss or if you want to buy stocks for short term or you want to do momentum trading learning Technical analysis is must and even though you are long term investor learning technical analysis will give additional advantage to you , you will get to know at what price you can invest.

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