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Fundamental Analysis 

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Level 1 :

  1. Introduction about the Stock Market and Fundamental Analysis

  2. Learn to analyse Key ratios

  3. Learn to read the annual report

  4. Learn to read Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account and Cash Flow Statements.

  5. Learn to analyse a company’s strength and weakness

  6. Learn to identify potential Multibagger Stock

  7. Learn to pick High Growth Penny Stocks

  8. Learn to diversifying the investment

  9. Get the SECRET QUERY for identifying best fundamental companies with automation

Level 2 :

  1. Learn to draw Resistance and Support

  2. Learn to draw Trend lines

  3. Learn to draw The Fibonacci Retracements

  4. Learn to interpret the news/corporate actions to make entries

  5. Learn to and Trading view website to draw and save our technical charts?

  6. Learn to all the above in charts to make BUY/SELL, TARGET and STOP LOSS

  7. Practical and doubts clearing Session

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Technical Analysis

Level 3 :

1.   Basics about stock market


2.  Single candlestick pattern:

     1.  Marubozu - Bullish/Bearish

     2. Doji

     3. Hammer and Inverted Hammer

     4. Hanging man and Shooting star


3.  Multiple candlestick patterns:

     1.  Engulfing - Bullish/Bearish

     2. Harami - Bullish/Bearish

     3. Piercing Pattern and Dark cloud cover

     4. Morning Star and Evening Star


4.  Major Indicators:

    1.  Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

    2. Relative Strength Index (RSI)

    3. Volume weighted average price (VWAP)


5.  Formation:

    1.  The Double/Triple bottom and top

    2. Channel - Bullish/Bearish

    3. Flag - Bullish/Bearish

    4. Rectangle - Bullish/Bearish

    5. Triangle - Bullish/Bearish

    6. Pennant - Bullish/Bearish

    7. Wedge – Falling/Rising

    8. Head and Shoulder and Inverse Head and shoulder

    9. Cup and Handle and Inverse Cup and Handle

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Level 4 :

  1. How to draw Resistance and Support?

  2. How to apply Price action on trading?

  3. How to draw Trend lines?

  4. How to draw The Fibonacci Retracements?

  5. How to interpret the news/corporate actions to make entries?

  6. How to use website to draw and save our technical charts?

  7. How to interpret all the above in charts to make BUY/SELL, TARGET and STOP LOSS?

  8. How to select stocks for POSITIONAL TRADING using Stock Edge app?

  9. What are the do's and don'ts of trading?

Post Class Service (30 Days):

  1. We will give you 15 ASSIGNMENTS based on live market movements and ask you to draw and mark the levels, Buy range, Targets and Stop loss.

  2. We will correct your chart accuracy and provide detailed feedback as well.

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Key features:

  1. Individual Attention & Innovative Learning - One to One Live Zoom Class that provides better interaction and understanding about trading.

  2. FunTech e-Library access will be given where you can gain abundant knowledge about technical analysis through the best videos and books.

  3. Entire Recorded class video session will be provided for revising the class.

  4. This technical analysis can also be applied on Commodity Trading.

  5. Classes will be conducted through Online Skype/Zoom and communication language is simple ENGLISH.

Course Fee

  • Course Fees         : Rs 10,000 (FA + TA Course)

  • Total Class hours : 16 hours

  • Timing                   : Based on your availability 


Image by Andre Taissin

Payment Mode

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Payment mode:

  1. Google Pay

  2. Phonepe 

  3. Bank Payment

Please contact us for details.

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