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Portfolio Management Services 

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  1. We will guide you on which stocks to be bought, number of units, buy price and sell price via WhatsApp. However, you will need to place the orders.

  2. All our calls are fundamentally and technically well researched by us and should be held on to based on the market condition.

  3. The average holding period is around 3 to 6 months. However, we will generally start booking profits from the 2nd month.

  4. We will closely monitor your portfolio on a daily basis and inform you about the actions that need to be taken.

  5. We will send around 4 to 5 messages in a day on WhatsApp.

  6. Once the market closes, you need to send us the stocks you bought/sold in the below format:


Tata motors - 500 shares @ Rs 300


Reliance Industries - 500 shares @ Rs 300

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Pros and Cons



        FunTech Premium Calls’ returns are far better than NIFTY 50’s past 20 year              returns. Note: see the image on the next page.​


        The adviser fee should be paid monthly based on your realised profits.




        We are not a SEBI registered advisor. Profits will vary based on the market                condition

Nifty 50 Returns - Last 20 Years

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