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Easier to Understand 

Two weeks ago I didn't know how to set
target, where to enter, where to exit and
how to set stop loss. I didn't know how to
look for upside or downside or upside and
what price action strategy was either. It is
scary to think that I bought stocks without
having any knowledge. Thank you sir for
being patient, keeping it simple and easier
to understand than I ever thought it would be.




Great Teacher

I had attended the FA session from Raj. TA
have been doing for few years. With his FA
session n combined my TA Practice I have
cut my losses to 2%. My net profit in 4
months has gone up by almost 75%. Raj is
a great teacher n his method is simplicity
personified. Those who are new to the
trade can take both his sessions n learn
themselves n be a great investor/trader.
Kudos Raj. Keep it up. You are doing a
service that gratitude cannot be expressed
in words.




Enlightening Session

Thanks Rajasekar for such an enlightening
session. It was a chance encounter that I
stumbled upon your quora page and I am
glad it happened. Loved the way you took
entire session explaining each and every
nuances in minute detail. Thanks again and
will definitely be in touch to learn more.




Dedication and Involvement

After attending the Fundamental Training, I
came to know that, I have been travelling
completely opposite to the right direction.
Fundamental Analysis training helps me to
understand the basics, Query writing,
selection of stocks, key parameters to
choose a stock and many more. VAS
information like Brokerage details, E-library
& Recorded Video session are shows
Rajasekar's dedication and involvement.

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Really good session worth it. Raj sir
explains everything in a simple way so
everyone understands it. He cleared all our
doubts very patiently. With this he's
providing us key websites plus resources
to make it more knowledgeable.
Thank you so much for this wonderful

session sir.




Excellent Training

Excellent training given by Mr. Rajasekar in
last 2 days. It was very practical and will
definitely help us to take good trades.




Easy to Grasp

The way you teach is very simple and easy
to grasp. Though I knew few stuffs about
technical analysis but after attending your
class I feel more confident in drawing
charts and have much clarity on diff
patterns . Thanks for your guidance and



Andhra Pradesh

Fully Confident

I was in confusion whether we can invest
huge amount in stock market. But after
attending your fundamental class I am fully
confident how to pick Good company.
Thanks for your patience for explaining
each and everything. You're calm and cool
like MSD.




Excellent Class

I have attended Raj Sir class in the same
batch and now the charting has become so
easy for me. I have been looking the
charts in a different way than before. It has
become easier for me to identify the
patterns and to identify where the prices
can go possibly. I would recommend you
guys to take his class once.

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Madhya Pradesh

Lots of Knowledge

I've immensely gained a lots of knowledge
from technical funtech course though I
have a mindset to invest for long term but
buying level is very important for long term. I
knew which companies are good
fundamentally but I couldn't know what is
the right buying price which will fetch good
return for me. Thanks to Rajasekar
Maruthasalam after attending the
Technical analysis class I can now draw the
charts and patiently wait for my buying



Uttar Pradesh

Provide better Knowledge

The Fundamental analysis class was
awesome. I got to know how to evaluate
the fundamentally by looking into balance
sheet, profit loss statement, net class flow
by myself. There are lots of fake news and
analysis suggest/recommend to buy
multi bagger stocks but after doing
fundamental analysis we get to know the
real truth. This class provide much better
knowledge and exposure for a beginner to
evaluate a company by himself and start
his investing journey.
Thanks a lot.




Best Session

It was one of the best session I have
ever come across, simply from the point of
view of your clarity in the subject matter.
Apart from learning, I was also impressed
by your humility to give personal example
in order to show an investor's progress.
Learnt a great deal and looking forward to
take full advantage of next 30 days. Thank




Helpful Session

Session was super helpful. It was
discussed from very basic to depth as it
can. Depth of curriculum covered every
aspect of fundamental analysis coupled
with Technical analysis which was really
awesome. You were very patient as well as
wanted us to understand clearly and
conceptually. Your interest and dedication
to make us perfect is amazing. I am not
finance guy still I was able to correlate
everything you said. Thank you for all your
effort and being amazing mentor.




Worth It

The technical analysis class was
more than my expectations in terms of how
I can learn in 2 days. But I was wrong. The
main learning is where we are doing the
practical exercises. I really find this
approach very fruitful for our knowledge
gaining. So far I have implemented the
lessons on few stocks and tracking the
same and the results are very much in my
favour. Bottom line is that I am having good
confidence over myself that I can be a pro
in stock market with more & more practice.
Which I feel should be a key take away from
any class. Kudos for the same. Will again
give you a feedback upon completion of
the course. Thank you.




Improved Knowledge

The two days Technical analysis class was
like eye opener for me.
It clearly improved my knowledge about
resistance and support line, how to find
correct entry and exit point.
Also your guidance on how to use ET and
stock edge for stock selection is very helpful.
The practical's on chart drawing is the best part.
Hope to improve the skills in coming days
with your guidance.
Thank you for importing the knowledge in a
very professional way.

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