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Premium Calls

90% +

  1. We will provide calls with BUY PRICE, TARGETS and STOP LOSS via WhatsApp.

  2. Along with our calls we sometimes also provide reasons/charts to help you improve your knowledge.

  3. All the calls are fundamentally and technically well researched by us and should be held based on the market condition.

  4. We will provide 8-10 premium calls every month. So you can allocate your capital accordingly. The average holding period is 3 to 6 months. However, we usually start booking profits around the 2nd month. Please note: We do not provide intraday calls or F & O calls.

  5. We are consistently maintaining an accuracy rate of 90% +.

  6. We will closely monitor all our stocks every day and suggest what actions (if any) need to be taken.

  7. We will send around 4 to 5 messages in a day regarding new calls and profit bookings on WhatsApp.

  8. Once the order(s) are executed, we will record the same on a GOOGLE SHEET. This will be helpful to track our performance and to take a decision later in case you miss one of our calls. You can also refer to the detailed instructions provided on the Google Sheet.

Personal Queries regarding your Portfolio

1.  As requested by our community members, we will also answer your personal            queries regarding your portfolio so you can take an informed decision.

2. You can ask STOCK RELATED QUERIES through FunTech Telegram Group(link        in contact page) and we will respond same day.

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Pros and Cons



       FunTech Premium Calls returns are far better than NIFTY 50’s past 20 year         returns. Note: see the image on the next page.



       We are not a SEBI registered advisor. Profits will vary based on the market           condition.

The Registration Process

  1. Once you make payment, send screenshot to us

  2. Provide the following details through Whatsapp to us:

    • Name

    • Age

    • Location

    • Gmail id

    • Capital

  3. We will add you to the FunTech Premium Calls WhatsApp group within approximately 4 hours

  4. Open the GOOGLE SHEET and read the INSTRUCTIONS TAB. (This is very important)

       If you have any questions, contact us




Nifty 50 Returns - Last 20 Years

NIFTY 50 1.png
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