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FunTech is a new age stock market analysis group that delivers end-to-end customized solutions to its clients. We offer high quality stock market training and advice that can help you boost your knowledge on the stock market and learn smart investing and trading strategies to earn higher profits.

The core belief that drives us is that individuals, irrespective of their age, gender or economic stature need to be financially literate in order to have a stable and secure life. That is why we have made it our mission to educate the people of India about the core aspects of finance in a very simple way.

We conduct courses that cover the entire gamut of financial education. Starting from basic finance to advanced concepts like stock market investing, fundamental and technical analysis, and options trading, we have courses that will teach you to save and invest money responsibly and grow your wealth steadily. These courses are taught by some of the best instructors and market experts and are highly practical focused to give the students a holistic understanding of the subjects.

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This is How we do the Process

WE TEACH YOU: FunTech provides different type of courses to make you understand how the stock market works. 

WE EXECUTE LIVE TRADES: FunTech provides premium call services (equity stocks) that will help you understand the strategy behind entering and exiting a particular trade at the right time.

WE CLEAR ALL YOUR CONCERNS: FunTech has a community of 800+ people, from beginners to experts from different fields ready to support each other on this stock market journey. 

WE MAKE YOU INDEPENDENT: All our courses provide in-depth knowledge about the stock market, and will make you market ready!

90% +

Premium Calls

We provide premium calls to our clients with BUY PRICE, TARGETS, and STOP LOSS through WhatsApp. All the calls are fundamentally and technically well-researched by us. Along with the calls, we sometimes also provide reasons/charts so that you can study them and improve your knowledge. Since 2019, we have maintained an accuracy rate of over 90%.

Portfolio Management Service

We provide portfolio management service to our clients. We guide our clients on the stocks to be bought, number of units, buy price and sell price instantly via WhatsApp. All our calls are fundamentally and technically well researched. We closely monitor our clients’ portfolio on a daily basis and continuously suggest the actions that need to be taken. Since 2019, we have maintained an accuracy rate of over 90%. 

90% +



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Rajasekar Maruthasalam, the founder of FunTech is a 13 times winner of Zerodha’s 60-day challenge. He consistently made profits and were awarded these certificates. Rajasekar has time and again proved that everything is possible with the right dedication and commitment. He not only achieves his own targets, but he also inspires everyone in his community to set and achieve theirs.



Our Team

A group of highly motivated people, working tirelessly to make you self dependent when it comes to creating wealth and personal finance!


Rajasekar Maruthasalam

FunTech Founder


Garima Sharma

Fundamental & Technical Analyst


Ram Kumar

Fundamental & Technical Analyst



Fundamental & Technical Analyst

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