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Why some one should Invest in gold what are the available Investment options...?

Gold is one of the best Investment who looking for diversified Investment options. And Gold returns are better than FD returns And best instrument to deal with Inflation see the image attached below we can see that how gold price sustaining with inflation. But Instead of Investing in physical gold there are other options as well.

Sovereign Gold Bonds:

Sovereign gold bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on behalf of the government. Each bond represents 1 gram of gold and thus allows the investors an option to invest in gold digitally. Being backed by the government, SGBs are considered very stable. These bonds have a time duration of eight years and the RBI also provides a redemption option after the fifth year.

Gold ETFs:

Exchange traded funds is basically a mutual fund whose units can be bought from stock exchange like Gold bees or there are various (AMCs) that have their own gold ETFs like SBI Gold ETF, AXIS Gold ETF, Nippon Gold ETF. These are highly liquid.

Digital Gold Wallets:

Many companies likes of PhonePe, GPay, Paytm, among others providing Digital Gold wallet facility where you can invest as low as INR 1 in the gold wallet through various online fund transfer facilities and highly liquid.

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