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Where you can Invest your 1 Lakh ...?

Simply remember this rule, Invest where you are actually spending or which services your are buying , Because of our life style , just Food & Home are no longer basic necessities, now a days we need some good network, some Car or Bike or daily medication in order to have all these either we are owning credit card or loan. So Invest in those, This way you can minimize your risk , many people will consider FMCG stocks like Defence stocks because even though there is inflation/ rescission people still spend on food , similarly now people started spending on Network, Automobile or Medication.

So understand your spending, Identify the companies which are reliable and divide the money into 4 to 5 trenches and invest in 2 companies from Each sector, In below Image we can see that more that 2 companies mentioned in each sector try to select maximum two companies from each sector and wait for the opportunity.

Disclaimer : Above recommendation purely for Educational purpose, do your own research before taking any position.

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