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What is CASA ratio ....? List of public sector Banks having high CASA ratio.....

CASA ratio means Current Account and Saving Account which measures the proportion of a bank’s total deposits that are held in the form of current and savings accounts. Essentially , the CASA ratio is an indicator of how efficient a bank’s process is for obtaining funds at the lowest available price. Current accounts usually pay little or no interest on cash held in them, while ordinary savings accounts, particularly those offering instant access, generally pay meager rates of interest. Thus, the higher the CASA ratio, the better the bank is providing to be at accessing funds at low cost.

Let us see some Public sector Banks with High CASA ratio.

Bank of Maharasta ::

  • Market Cap: 13,125 CR

  • Total Deposits: 1,81,752

  • CASA Ratio: 54.0

  • Net NPA: 2.59%

Central Bank of India::

  • Market Cap: 18,881CR

  • Total Deposits: 3,36,500

  • CASA Ratio: 49.8

  • Net NPA: 5.77%

State Bank of India::

  • Market Cap: 4,22,313 CR

  • Total Deposits: 38,09,630

  • CASA Ratio: 46.2

  • Net NPA: 1.23%

Punjab National Bank::

  • Market Cap: 42,392

  • Total Deposits: 11,15,373

  • CASA Ratio: 45.4

  • Net NPA: 5.73

Bank of Baroda::

  • Market Cap: 45,792

  • Total Deposits: 9,59,484

  • CASA Ratio: 43.5

  • Net NPA: 2.39

Source:: StockEdge

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