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What are blue chip stocks ..? Whom should Invest in it..?

First you need to understand what is meant by blue chip stock and whom should Invest in it..?

Blue chip stocks are shares of a company which have quality financials and well-recognized companies with a long history. New Investors can start their Investment journey with blue chip stocks because they have capabilities to endure tough market conditions and give high returns in good market conditions.

But there are few cons as well, blue chip stocks are expensive, In terms of P/E they will be in expensive zone most of the time because of demand and companies grown big enough so we are not sure if it can deliver same returns in future as well. So as a Beginner it is always better to start with Blue chip stocks but by the time you should be able to learn and move your investment accordingly.

Below are some of the Blue chip stocks for further study.

Disclaimer: Above Information is only for educational purpose,Not a Trade/Investment advice.

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