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Short Investment rules every Investor should know

  • Have a Mentor and learn from them, experience is the key important thing In Stock Market, we will be having some thing to learn each day, Having a mentor and learning from him makes easy.

  • Never follow any famous investors blindly, their risk appetite and your risk appetite won’t be same, You don’t their exit point until really exit the stock.

  • Do not depend on stock broker tips, they may not work every time , learn to do your own research.

  • Bookish knowledge won’t be enough in stock market, if you really want to learn ,join in some stock market related discussion groups, where you can express you view and similarly you can refer others point of view as well.

  • Do not miss to read annual financial reports of the company you are holding.

  • Do not blindly put your money in stock just because they are hitting upper circuits, there are some operator driven stocks, either they will be in upper circuits/lower circuits , be aware of those.

  • Whenever someone said they can double or triple money in a short time; remind yourself that they are talking about their money and not yours. Don’t fall for such traps.

  • Select the company/sector which having less regulations , avoid highly regulated industries.

  • Along with the financial it is good to track management/ Promoters as well, having hones and capable management is boon to company and investors as well, Be diligence when investing in the companies having Bollywood /political relations.

  • Stock market is like a chakravyuha. Easy to enter but difficult to exit. If you enter the markets without adequate investing skills and knowledge then you may end up being a financial Abhimanyu”.

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