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Best Advice for Freshers to start Investment

There is a famous saying that, Poor people work for money, Rich people make money works for them, If you want to become rich and want money to work for you invest in Stock Market.

This doesn’t mean that you will become rich in one day or one year, just like any other profession , If you want to be a successful investor you need to spend some quality time and learn the things, then you can make money works for you.

Start with Investing, if you have enough time & knowledge go for trading.

Start with the money you can afford to loose, initial days you may not aware of market condition, or you might have entered at wrong price, you may see negative returns for days, until you understand the market invest only few chunks

Invest in your area of expertise, if you are an software engineer, you may know what is the top IT Company, If you are in Pharma industry , you may know what is the top Pharma Company, Invest in those , you can understand how market behaves, how market reacts.

Understand the power of compounding, the early you started the more returns you will get.

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