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Who is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala..? What are some lessons we can learn from him....?

Many of us know that famous Investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who is also called Big Bull of India, started his journey 5000 as capital, BSE Sensex was around 150 points at the time, As of now , Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and associates publicly hold 33 stocks with a net worth of over Rs 25,842.3 crore. These stocks are Titan Company, Tata Motors, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company, Metro Brands, Fortis Healthcare, Nazara Technologies, Federal Bank, Delta Corp, DB Realty and Tata Communications.

Let us see some of the lesson we can learn from his life.

1. Investor need to be always optimistic, we may see multiple corrections in market, but we should be able to opportunities in those as well.

2. Every one should know their Risk appetite before Investing, Only invest as per your Risk appetite and if you investing for short term invest the money you many not required immediately.

3. Never connect Emotionally to any Stock, avoid Emotional Investment, sometimes our favorite stock may not perform week, but because of Emotional attachment you may keep on adding, or may not exit the right time,

4. Market will have momentum always, Some times Bulls over takes Bears, Bears over take Bulls, It won’t be neutral, Always know the momentum of the Market.

5. Investor should have patience, Many people think that only Buying and selling are the decision, but Holding the stocks also decision only, Until the business doing good and generating the expected return you can hold the stock. Don’t exit the stock just because of some external factors.

6. Don’t invest the money which you saved for emergency or don’t invest money by taking loan, If you may not exit the right time you will get into financial emergency.

7. Accept your mistake, Learn from mistake, No one will be always right, Most of the times Market full us with wrong directions so, learn from you mistake, take your stop loss, Don’t do revenge /aggressive trading after you lose some money, once you order hit stop loss understand what went wrong and learn what you could have done better.

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