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Success Story of Astute Investor – Vijay Kedia

Success Story of Astute Investor – Vijay Kedia

Vijay Kedia, 56, India’s most successful stock market investor who made 200 Cr starting from Rs. 35,000.Vijay Kedia is a common man with an uncommon intelligence.

His stock market strategy and investment style is followed by many investors blindly.

Vijay Kedia is an inspiration for many investors who are seeking success from the stock market.

Vijay Kedia, born in a family of stockbrokers, entered the stock market at 18 years after his father passed away in 1978.

His entry in the stock market was due to compulsion as he has to support his family business.

For the next 11 years, he traded in Kolkata. He was making money sometimes and losing sometimes but not earning enough from trading.

Vijay Kedia started as a trader but soon realized the potential of long term investment.

In 1990 he came to Mumbai and switched to long-term investing based on company fundamentals.

He did not have much money to spare. He stayed in rented house and changed placed multiple times.

He had just Rs.35,000 for invest, he invested all his money in a single stock, Punjab Tractors, which went up to 3 times in three years.

His Rs.35,000 became Rs.1,05000. He put all this money in ACC at the price or Rs.300.

The stock didn’t move for first year but went up to 10 times next year. He sold ACC at a price of Rs.3000 and bought an own house in Mumbai. He was on his way to becoming a successful investor.

So far all stocks selected by him have become multi bagger. He has discovered multi baggers such as Atul Auto and Cera Sanitaryware which gave him a 100 times return in 10 years.

Currently, he holds a stake of more than 1% in at least 15 listed companies. He is also on the board of Atul Auto Ltd.

5 Success Secrete of Vijay Kedia

1. Knowledge

In today’s world for every business or job you need relevant experience and skills.

Without knowledge and experience, one cannot get a good job or cannot establish a good business. Same is true in a case of investment & stock market.

You require specific knowledge and skill set to become successful like Vijay Kedia.

In order to be successful in market, you need the knowledge to find a good quality stock which has a potential to become multi baggers in future.

Vijay Kedia has the knowledge to identify multi bagger stocks like Atul auto, Cera sanitaryware etc.

2. Risk Taking Capacity

Stock market investment is a risky affair. You can generate a lot of money as well as you can lose your entire capital in stock market.

Fear of losing money in the stock market is very high. This stops many people from investing in stock market.

Vijay Kedia has risk taking capacity. He had only Rs.35000 and he invested all his money in single stock. It is called as courage and risk taking capacity.

3. Patience

Controlling emotion and keeping patience is extremely important in the stock market. The stock market moves upward as well as downwards.

If your stock is not moving up you should maintain patience. In another words you should have faith in investment made in stocks.

Kedia has a very good quality called patience.

His stock ACC was not moving up for one year he could have sold this stock but due to faith, he could make a fortune.

4. Vision

Vision is very important for the stock market. Kedia is a visionary investor. Making 200 Cr from Rs 35,000 is not possible without vision.

To be successful in the stock market like Vijay Kedia one must have vision.

5. Timing

Timing is another important factor in the success of Kedia. He knows that timing is important in making money from the stock market.

He takes a correct move in the stock market at a correct time. He invested in Atul auto at a right time and generated lot of wealth.

There could be many other factors responsible for success in stock market but preliminary I could find above 5 things which make successful in the stock market.

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