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Stock Market Myths & Facts -- Every one should know before Investing...

You can become billionaire by Investing in stock market — When many people started their investment journey their aim will to become billionaire by next year, it is not possible ,you can earn money consistently, start investing to fulfill goals like buying the house or education fund for children or retirement fund.

Investing in stock market is too risky — One should not invest in stocks market because it is like a gambling, you can loose all your money, it is partially true there are some risk in investing in stock market, but before investing know your risk appetite and don’t invest based on tips do you own research and take some financial advisor help.

Inflation is not real- it is better keep money in safer places like Banks FD — Most of the people think that Inflation is not real- If prices are rising they feel that is i just because government failed, they don’t plan and think that FD are best option , if you are saving money which you will need with in one year that tie FD will be enough but if you planning for long term goals like education/ marriage for you children or your retirement fund , Investing in stocks market is the best option.

You should not invest when market is falling —- Many people are afraid of bear market they completely avoid bear markets, or they do panic selling, you can do some buying also when market falling also, but make sure you are keeping your money in Good business only, and never invest all at once, divide your money to 3 to 5 chunks, invest each chunk when you see some recovery.

You can earn quickly by investing in Penny stocks — Most of the people will look for quantity rather than quality, they feel that if they are having 10 thousand, they fell like buying 100 rupees stock will give more returns than buying 5000 rupees stock, In the Penny stocks there are lot of them run by operators, some times they move quickly but if didn’t exit at the right time you may see massive losses as well.

You need lot of money to start investing in market — Stock market only for rich people to make them more rich, Rich will rob the poor in stock market it is not true, you can start your investment journey with 1000 rupees also, but make sure to invest consistently, like SIP, don’t assume that you have invested in 1000 one day it become one crore.

If one of the famous Investing in some stock you can also buy the same stock — you should avoid this type of traps, yes once some famous investor invested it may give good return in future , but don’t think they will grow immediately, and more over his risk appetite and your risk appetite is different and you don’t know when he will exit also. By the time you got to know that he invested price might be increased a lot. Don’t invest until you have conviction.

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