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Mistakes to avoid in Falling market..?

If it is fine if you make mistake in market because everything will move in bull market, but volatile market is different Even though if we are not able to grab the opportunity don’t make the mistake

Never do panic selling:

Many people initially when they see fall in the market they feel kike very prepared and don’t do any mistake but if they observe the same things for months then the panickness swill start, they used to start panic selling,

Never exit mutual/funds:

Because of market condition mutual funds also may not be able to generate good returns particularly equity fund, in such cases many people exit funds because it is not able to generate return .

Never stop doing SIP:

Doing sip is the best thing we can do either volatile market or bull market , never stop doing SIP, We can’t estimate when market will recover again, so if we don’t want to miss the opportunity never stop doing SIP

Never buy large quantities or lump some:

In order to take benefit from bull market many people tend to buy more more and more quantities never do this because it is like catching falling knife, until you see some recover don’t invest in lump somes.

Never ignore debt fund allocation:

Most people never think about allocating in deb funds, because these are funds which will benefit condition especially like when interest rates or increase, so try to add some debt funds also.

Never buy stocks just because some one suggested:

Even though you did this mistake in bull market but now don't do this in volatile markets until you really have enough confidence on the stocks don’t buy the stocks just because some one suggested it/there are chances for more traps.

Apart form these listen advises from experts as well.

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