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How to Hedge Stock market ..?

The Simple Answer to the question will be Portfolio Diversification with other Investment instruments like Gold/Crypto.

Many people suggest to buy /sell options in stock market to hedge falling, but everyone can’ be successful in that, Future & option are risky one, If some one entered without knowledge their losses will be extended, So Instead of this option One can look for Portfolio Diversification.

When hearing about Diversification many people thought invest in different stocks instead of one particular stocks, but we need to think out of the box we are having other investment options like Bonds/Gold/Crypto/Real Estate instead of Stock Market.

So whenever we are Investing It is always better to Invest in hedge options like Gold/Crypto, Many of you may be already aware the correlation between Stock market and Gold, See the Chart Above, So whenever there is correction in stock market Gold prices are increasing Crypto also follows the same, So Investing in different Instruments will balance our portfolio.

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