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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

How Many of you know that VOLTAS one of the famous AC Manufacture company is from Tata Group...?

There are many companies from Tata Group like Retail to Financial Services.

Where as it is better to choose Fundamentally/Financially Good stocks. So mentioning some of Fundamentally good stocks below.

Tata Elxsi:

Tata Elxsi provides integrated Technology services across industries including Automotive, Media, Communications and Healthcare. It is one of the Company in EV Theme.

  • Sector: IT-Software

  • ROE: 29%

  • Debt to Equity: 0.05

  • Promoter Holding: 44.53%

Tata Consulatancy Services:

Tat Consultancy Services consulting and business solutions organization, It provides technology and engineering services and solutions globally.

  • Sector: IT-Software

  • ROE: 39%

  • Debt to Equity: 0.08

  • Promoter Holding: 72.19%

Tata Chemicals:

Tata Chemicals third largest Soda Ash and India’s leading vacuum evaporated iodized salt producer.

  • Sector: Chemicals

  • ROE: 1.73%

  • Debt to Equity: 0.49%

  • Promoter Holding: 37.98%


Titan Company has trusted brands of Watches, Jewelry and Eyewear Products.

  • Sector: Jewelry

  • ROE: 13.6%

  • Debt to Equity: 0.75%

  • Promoter Holding: 52.90%


Voltas was created 6 decades ago when Tata Sons joined hands with a swiss company Volkart Brothers. It engaged in the business of air conditioning, refrigeration, electro - mechanical projects world wide.

  • Sector: Air-conditioner

  • ROE: 11.3%

  • Debt to Equity: 0.05%

  • Promoter Holding: 30.30%

Tata Motors:

Tat Motors offers a wide and diverse portfolio of cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defense vehicles to the world wide.

  • Sector: Automobile

  • ROE: -21%

  • Debt to Equity: 2.57

  • Promoter Holding: 46.41%

Tata Steel:

Tata Steel provides entire value chain of steel manufacturing from mining and processing iron ore and coal to producing and distributing finished products. It is commodity stock cyclical in nature

  • Sector: Steel

  • ROE: 10.8%

  • Debt to Equity: 1.20

  • Promoter Holding: 34.41%

Tata Power:

Tata Power do generation, transmission and distribution of electricity It is planning to enter into renewable energy as well manufacturing of solar rooftop plants.

  • Sector: Power generation & Distribution

  • ROE: 3.41%

  • Debt to Equity: 2.24

  • Promoter Holding: 46.86%


Disclaimer: This is only for educational purposes and before taking buy action consult your financial advisor.

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