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Can we buy stocks without Technical & Fundamental Analysis.....?

For Beginner who just started their investment journey, there is a way to invest in stocks without fundamental & Technical Analysis, But I am repeating only for Investment that too when you just started Investing, If you want to follow this through out It may not give you returns as expected.

But you have do small homework ,

Invest in Profitable Companies only:

There are plenty of companies listed in stock market , but only few of them are highly profitable, Investing in Profitable companies will reduce the risk of bankruptcy, Below I am adding list of 10 Most Profitable Companies.

Invest in Consumer based Companies:

Either in rescission or in Inflation there will be always demand for Consumer based sectors ,So try to find leader in Consumer Based Sectors(FMCG) and Invest in those.

Invest in Trend:

You can observe among your friends or Family and identify the trends like which network you are using most, which brands you are buying more and eating habits or the vehicle they are taking or prefer to buy, In this way we can identify the brands which have reputation and growth and invest in those.

Invest In Indexes like SENSEX/NIFTY:

Stocks includes in SESNSEX OR NIFTY or regularly monitored or balanced if there are any discrepancies so following in Index is safest option, either you can buy NIFTY bees/ETFS are you can buy the stock included in SESEX/NIFTY, But if you are buying stock directly instead of index don’t allocate more percentage to single stock.

You should know some Nevers:

  • Never Invest based on tips or rumors

  • Try to learn while earning

  • Never trade until you learn Technical Analysis

  • Don’t assume that you can multiply your money by following these methods, These methods will help you to earn some profits .

  • Always remember returns come with risks, when you done your own research then only you can handle the risk

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