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Biggest misconception about Stock Market....

Even though stock market is a place to fight inflation and build wealth for tomorrow, Many people stay away from it because of misconceptions. Let us see some of them.

  • Stock market is Gambling:

Many feel like Stock market is gambling, but is it not 100% true, No one can predict the market accurately but if we are having enough knowledge and enough experience we can analyse and make good profits, Keep in mind that trading without knowledge it pure gambling but if you have knowledge and experience it is not.

  • You can become rich Quickly:

Many people start their stock market journey in hope of becoming rich in over night or in coming months, but it’s not possible, you have to aim for regular and consistent income first, if you can reinvest the money you are earning, for at least 5 to 10 years you will definitely build wealthy future.

  • Only professionals can earn Money:

Most of the people think that we need to have some strong financial background to start in stock market, you are wrong, Today there are many famous Investors like RK Damani & Vijay kedia, who are not having any financial background, but keep in mind they didn’t created that wealth in single day or single year,

  • Penny stocks make your richer:

When some one of started their journey, mostly they tend to invest in penny stocks or stocks having less price, we need to focus on quality rather than quantity, you are newbie and you don’t understand single term about quality still you can invest in famous stocks/ market leaders, they will less volatile, by gaining experience you can increase your risk appetite.

  • One can quit the job and start trading in Stock Market.

And some more people come to stock market in hope of quitting job and start trading but it is big mistake, just like any other profession becoming successful trader also will take lot of time and efforts, some one can’t blindly put money and earn crores.Always choose stock market as a passive income only, So no need to depend on its return in short term and in long term it will work for you.

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