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Will Russia-Ukraine Invasion will affect the Indian Stock market ..?

First understand that Stock market is running based on people emotions, Even though there is no direct impact on Indian Economy still we are observing fall in Stock market, this is because of Emotions.

But there are some indirect impacts as well, If there is a war , There are high chances to see increase in oil prices, India is major oil importing company, If oil prices increases, Expenses will be increased it affects the Economy, Keep in mind this is not only threat to Indian Economy, it is threat to most of the major countries, Hoping so that situations won’t be worsen, At the same time will seen how our Indian economy recover after big threat like passing COVID, so there is definitely Impact in short term, but in Long term there won’t be any negative Impact.

When you want to become successful investor you should know how to handle your emotions try to build Investor mindset.Use all threats as an opportunity, again don’t invest emergency fund or by taking loan, invest the amount which you don’t need in short term, at the same time don’t exit your positions just because of fear.

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