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Where can we find famour Investor's Portfolio, can we follow them....?

Now there are plenty websites like Money Control which will give famous Investors Portfolio , But Many new / Retail Investors tend to buy these when they see these Images,

Before following any famous Investors Portfolio, we need to understand few risks about that,

Stock Allocation:

Stock allocation is one of the key point many new /Retail investors ignore, But Big Investors never Ignore that, they will give sufficient allocation based on theme, Whenever famous Investor taking new entry in any new stock they always concentrate on allocation and adjust counter allocation for portfolio balancing as well. Retail Investors without knowing this information will give more allocation to the new stock.

Risk Capacity:

Famous Investors Risk capacity will be high, they can wait in volatile market and do average down if they believe in Business, and they have access to lot of Information compared to us, so as a Retail Investor we may not be having that much risk taking capacity , or we may not hold as much time he is holding .

Exit point:

We my have seen that huge increase in share price whenever any famous Investors started investing any particular stock, similarly stock price will be dropped whenever famous Investors existed , so we don’t the exit point of any investors, until they really exited and It would be already reflected in share price.

It is better to take ideas from their portfolio and do research or analysis rather than directly buying those stocks.

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