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When to sell a stock ...?

Many Investors only concentrate on Buying strategies, they only think what stocks to buy or when to buy, but they don’t focus on when to sell a stock because of this , they may exit early and book loss or hold forever .

We will discuss some of the strategies to sell stock.

  • To Re balance your portfolio, Some time because of trend we may have given high allocation to particular sector or stock, as the time goes when trend changes it is wise to exit the stock and re invest those is in ongoing trends.

  • Fundamental Issue: When there is a fundamental issue in the stock it is wise to exit and book loss/profit immediately.

  • Partial Profit Booking: Some time because of Bull runs you may have seen tremendous returns , if you feel values are stretched to much and if stock at high valuation you can do some partial profit booking and keep the money for Re investment opportunity, Never exit fully in these keys, and if prices increases after your exit, still don’t worry, market is volatile you will get opportunity.

  • Never sell stock just because of market condition, Unless there is thereat to industry or company your holding.

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