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What is smallcase....?

Smallcase is an exciting new phenomenon for retail investors. Curated either by the smallcase team, or independent advisors or portfolio managers, a smallcase invests into a basket of stocks or ETFs.

Smallcase only offers the portfolio. The investing is done via its broker partners like Zerodha, HDFC Securities, Axis Direct, Edelweiss, and 5paisa. While many brokers offer the concept of investing in a basket of stocks, it is the first instance where a platform is dedicated to basket investing.

To build his portfolio, the investor needs to screen the entire listed universe to arrive at his choices. In smallcase, he is offered a ready-made basket of stocks that have been screened by an expert based on certain parameters.

Objective/model-based smallcases are based on a particular fundamental or technical investment ratio such as dividends, zero debt, earnings growth, etc. The Safe Haven smallcase includes less volatile stocks to help protect against market volatility

Smart Beta smallcases are based on smart beta strategies. These smallcases are large cap-focused, selected & weighted to beat the markets in the long term. The Quality – Smart Beta smallcase allows you to invest in high-quality, large-cap companies for passive long term investing.


· Transaction Costs

· Execution Slippage

· Stock hits upper or lower price limit

· Stock needs TOTP enabled

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