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What are some good stocks to invest in right now....?

We are observing that market is recovering and along with that we are observing some positive news for market such as FIII started buying and inflation is getting steady and there is no chance of rescission , So it is good time to place some of you money for investment.

But you might be still wondering as some stocks already ran up and still having issues like rupee values deflation, In these condition better to invest in IT stocks because IT stocks are the one which get benefited by rupee deflation and more over those are still far away from 52 week high .

If we can observe Large cap IT Companies like TCS and Infosys are still 15 to 20% away from their 52 week high, Generally in large cap stocks there is less risk and here we are having reward as well.

Stock Recommendation source : HDFC securities

Disclaimer : Above information only for Education prupose. Do your own Research before taking position.

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