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Stocks Benefited by Budget 2022

First understand the focus areas of budget and keep in mind that if particular sector is getting benefited we may not see rally from next day itself, but we can expect good returns in future.


National Highways Network will be expanded by 25,000 km in FY23. Nirmala Sitharaman said Rs 20,000 crore will be mobilized through innovative ways of financing to complement the public resources. Companies in road construction like Gr Infra & KNR Constrction and leading Cement suppliers will be benefited.


5G spectrum auctions to be conducted in 2022. Scheme for design-led manufacturing for 5G will be part of production-linked scheme. Companies like Airtel who aggressively testing for 5G will be benefited.


Budget focused on reducing defense imports and preferred indigenous technology, with announcing Drone Shakati and Kisan Drones, Companies like Paras Defense who are in Drone Technology will be benefited.

Renewable Energy:

India outlined plans to spend an additional $2.6 billion to boost local manufacturing of solar modules, stepping up a campaign to cut imports from China. The country, which has an ambitious plan of generating 280 gigawatts of sun-fired electricity by 2030, imports nearly 80% of the components for solar power from china. As it focused on climate Action Companies like Borosil Renewable who are in Solar glass manufacturing and Companies like Reliance, GAIL, NTPC who are focusing Green Hydrogen will be benefited.

Battery Swapping Policy:

New Battery Swapping Policy Announced The government will bring out a battery swapping policy to counter the issue of limited coverage of charging stations in states. This will boost the EV sales and companies who is aggressively working in EV Transformation will be benefited.

source: Information from various platform gather and collaborated with my thoughts.

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