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Stock vs Crypto .. which is best Investment..?

Many new Investors assume that both are same mostly it is like betting/gambling, but it is not true.

When you are buying a share of company, you are becoming their business partner, in short time frame share price rise/fall based on market condition or demand and supply. But if you see in Long term, Share price will move on Company performance, If company is performing good , share price will also increase. Along with that in India we have SEBI which monitors all the activities of listed company, This way it is protecting the Investors (Individual Persons) Investment money.

When you are buying a cryptocurrency , you won’t hold any security, Either in short term/Long term crypt price will move on demand and supply only. There is no regulatory to monitor activities. If you heard about recent SQUID currency, recently it rose tremendously, but overnight promoter vanished with investor money, there is no regulations to protect investor’s money. It is pure gambling.


So for beginners I will suggest that start investment in such a way that protect your capital, So I will recommend buying shares of company. If you still want to invest in crypto you can allocated 5 to 10% of your capital but not more than that, because share market also volatile , It won’t rise all time, so investment in crypto should be like diversifying your portfolio.

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