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Raamdeo Agarwal’s 10 Insights on wealth creation

1. Wealth creators are driven by a passion for leadership in business.

2. In euphoric times, investors focus on the price of a share rather than the price of the company .

3. Mid- cap stocks have the propensity to create wealth faster than heavy weight blue chips.

4. Stock prices are determined by ‘marginal opinion’ and not by majority opinion.

5. While examining a company’s expansion plans, remember that growth in a franchisee of the same business is likely to be more rewarding in the future than growth from a totally new line of business.

6. At all times, in all markets, in all parts of the world, the tiniest change in interest rates changes the value of every financial asset.

7. Wealth creating companies have substantially higher RoE and RoCE than most others that are comparable.

8. Market follies contribute enormously to the creation of mega multi- baggers.

9. A high growth business, which is run by an outstanding management and purchased with a five year payback outlook of less than 1, has a good chance of being a big winner.

10. Purchase price discipline, that is, maintaining a huge margin of safety at the time of purchase, is paramount because it covers a multitude of errors committed while investing.

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