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My Experience with Zerodha Sensibull...

Sensibull is India's first options trading platform, offering everything from simplified options trading for new investors to powerful trading tools for the pros. Sensibull aims to make options trading safe, accessible, and most importantly, profitable for all. Sensibull was founded with the absurdly impossible vision of making the small guy win against the big guy in financial markets.

If you have a target for the market or a stock, Sensibull tells you the right Option Strategies for your target. This means you can trade options without knowing options, just by knowing the stock and its direction. We will take care of the underlying math for you.

  1. Sensibull is a one-stop solution for all Option Trading.

  2. Get the best Option Strategy for your view on the market or a stock. Avoid wrong trades with warnings and safeguards throughout the system.

  3. Virtual trading to learn F&O without real money. Free education to make the best choices for yourself

  4. Visualize your trades P&L under various scenarios with beautiful graphs

  5. Track your trades and strategies, and do scenario analysis

Sensibull: Features

Sensibull provides many features such as-

1.Strategies Engine- Here if you have a current analysis on a particular stock or Index then Sensibull helps you to choose the right Strategy for your target.

2. Options Comparison- If one is not certain about the strike price that they want to select then in Sensibull one can compare Options side by side and choose the one according to their needs.

3.Single Click Strategies Execution- Sensibull allows users to Implement multi-leg option strategies such as Iron Condor, Spreads & Butterfly strategies with just one click where all the Options gets executed simultaneously,

Apart from these, there are many great tools that Sensibull offers but one main highlight of Sensibull is its Option chain.

Sensibull Option Chain

Sensibull Option chain provides an Enhanced form of the Option Chain analysis that can be interpreted by Option Traders and Investors to interpret to current Market Mood.

The Sensibull Option Chain has many advanced features, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Real-Time Greeks

  • IV Percentile

  • Change in IV

  • PCR (Put Call Ratio)

  • ATM (At The Money) IV

All these features make Sensibull an ideal choice for traders because these parameters are quite important while making new positions or modifying existing positions. Let's understand the use of some of these features.

1. IV Percentile- the IV (Implied Volatility) is a parameter that decides the rate of change in the option prices. The change in IV is used by traders to decide whether to deploy Price Neutral strategies or Direction strategies. Sensibull shows the IV percentile in individual Strike prices of all expiries.

2. Change in IV Percentile- This feature is unique in Sensibul that tells the exact percentile change in the Open Interest and IV in a particular strike price in real-time. This decreases the work of a trader and analyst to calculate the percentile values of each strike price.

3. ATM IV- ATM or At The Money IV is the IV of the strike price in which the Underlying asset is being traded currently. This is a feature that is not provided by any other software. One has to manually check the IV of the Strike price that is presently ATM but Sensibull makes the job of monitoring the ATM IV very easy.

Apart from the Options chain, there is another important tool that Sensibull provides that simplifies reading the Option Chain, That is the OI Analyzer.

It is a one-of-a-kind solution to decode the Option Chain. It has basically 3 parts-

  1. Change in OI with the change in the underlying asset in Real-time- This shows the chart of the change in the OI in real-time. It is similar to reading Candlestick charts but of the change in OI (Open Interest). This is useful to judge the upper hand of the Buyers or the Sellers. It also tells that how the underlying asset moves with the change in Call & Put OI, along with the PCR (Put Call Ratio).

  2. OI vs Strike price- This is a component of the Option Chain but not just any Option Chain. This feature lets you analyze the Option Chain for any previous time period. This tool is important to determine the Support & Resistance points based on previous OI.

  3. OI Change- This feature tells the change in the OI (Open Interest) within a certain time period. One can add any number of days for which he wants to know the change and it can do it easily.

Offer Price:

Currently there are combo offer which is going on:

1. Pay and get 10% cash refund directly to your bank account.

2. Following LearnApp Option Course are Free worth of Rs 4,999:

  • Intro to Futures and Options

  • Basics of Options

  • Advanced Option Strategy with Adjustments

For more details contact Rajasekar Maruthasalam(Registered SENSIBULL PARTNER) asap at 96005 89465.

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