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Market are making high and high What to do now.....?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

From covid pandemic lows market raised more than 40%, many stocks given 2x, 3x returns so far, what is the market direction now ..? what to do now..? can I still buy the stocks at this level...?

From January we are hearing that markets are becoming expensive and overvalued, but still is reaching new highs, Unlike the previous months only few stocks are raising,

Picking random stocks based on tips doesn't work any more, If your portfolio not given bench mark returns from past few month or you still want to ride with new highs of stock market, you have to wait and think of your stock selection process.

Are you selecting the stocks which are fundamentally good..?

Are you selecting the stocks which are having future growth..?

Technically is it write time to enter ..?

Are you following the updates of the stocks in your watch list..?

If your answer is YES, you are good to go

But If your answer is No, If you are not having enough time or knowledge, we have a shortcut for you, we are providing 100% research based stocks you can see our few stocks performances from below screen shots,

For more details refer our PREMIUM CALLS Service

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