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Is Stock market started recovering..?

Even though stock market gained some points today, still we are not sure is it recovery or trap.Exactly no one can clearly tell that when markets will be recover, If we see present threat to market is War between Russia & Ukraine, we still don’t know how events will turn out, Market might be get settled when tensions between Russia & Ukraine will be relived, but no one sure about how things will things turn out.

It is better to stop trading for few days, as stock market will be volatile for few more days. Instead on focus only on Investing, our Indian market sustained so many falls and reach those recent Highs, For Example I am sharing some stock prices in 2002, after 2002 stock market witnessed many falls like Financial Crisis in 2008, Demonetization in 2016, Covid in 2020 , After these many falls still these quality companies gave multi bagger returns. So Focus on Investing.

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