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Is it right time to Invest in KPIT Stock..?

Many Investors know that KPIT is technology company but unlike any other software company major revenues come from Automobile Industry.

KPIT provides software solutions which will help mobility space move towards autonomous,smart and connected future. The company provides embedded software, AI and digital solutions for its clients in the areas of electric and conventional autonomous driving, connected vehicles, vehicle networks, vehicle diagnostics.

In Simple terms now we are getting self driving cars which can analyse the live traffic and take the route which is having less traffic. As per KPIT Software cost in Automobiles are increasing Earlier it used to be 10% and currently it is 30% and in future it can be 50%.

Fundamentally also KPIT is strong with ROE 21% and having good cash reserves and recently it acquired Technica Engineering from Germany and recently most many brokerages started giving buy rating

And Technically it is near to Resistance at 680 and we may see some bounce back, value buy will be between 580 to 590 and near Time Target is 800. If you have Fear of missing you can buy some more her and some more in fall .

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