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Can Housewife Invest in stock market....?

Yes Absolutely, You just need just one Demat account to start Investing, Investing is the Great way to earn passive Income, Many people Invest their money to achieve different goals . Investing is not only to earn the Income, By Investing you will learn how to manage your finances so you can plan for your future goals.

But before starting your investment journey learn about Market , learn some basic terminology, There are many ways one can invest in stock market directly by buying from market or through mutual funds . If you are having enough time to do research better to go by Direct buying and if you busy and you can’t handle your portfolio you can invest through Mutual funds or through Portfolio managers.

But before starting spend more time to learn things, Price is not the only thing we have to observe , do some check on financials as well, Until you learn only invest in Reliable companies which are famous .

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