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Best stock to buy on 08/01/2018 for mid term holding period

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I would strongly recommend Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited.

My analysis are as follows:

Gautam R. Morarka – Managing Director’s overview:

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited reported a 51% increase in revenues and a 307% growth in profit after tax in 2016-17. This sharply divergent profitable growth validates what we always believed: that our company would be the last man standing during a sectoral trough and the first to rebound following industry recovery. EPS for FY 17 was Rs 88.36 vis-à-vis Rs. 22.02 in FY 16. CEPS for FY 17 was Rs 135.08 compared to Rs 41.08 during FY 16.

Awards and accreditations during season 2016-17:

On 20th March, 2017: 1st Prize for highest Sugar Recovery at Dwarikesh Nagar Plant in Ganna Kishan Mela evam Krishank Vaigaynik Vichar Sangosthi (Mithas-2017), organised by U.P. Sugarcane Research Centre, Shahjahanpur (U.P.).

On 12th May, 2017: Industry Excellence Award for being most efficient factory (Dwarikesh Nagar) of the year 2016-17 in NISSTA Convention-2017 by North Indian Sugarcane and Sugar Technologists’ Association and Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, held at Lucknow.

Business Portfolio:

Company and Management is Fundamentally good because of the following Important Ratios:

Financial Scorecard:

Shareholding Pattern:

Liquidity and Solvency ratios:

Technical Analysis:


One can Buy at Rs 48.45 and Targets are as follows:

Target 1 at Rs 67.00 (Holding Period 1 and % of Return is 38+%)

Target 2 at Rs 79.00 (Holding Period 2 and % of Return is 63+%)

Target 3 at Rs 98.75 (Holding Period 3 and % of Return is 100+%)

Disclaimer: All stock recommendations and comments are the opinion of writer. All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making decision.

Sources: Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. (official website)

If you would like to know the insights of this analysis please do contact me, I am happy to teach you Technical and Fundamental Analysis at affordable fee.

Contact: 96005 89465

Thank you


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FunTech Stock Market Educator
FunTech Stock Market Educator
16 oct. 2021

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