FAQ and Feedbacks


Q: What is FunTech?

A: To trade/invest we need to analyse each and every stock based on its Fundamental and Technical. So Short form of this is called FunTech

Q: How many analysts are there in FunTech?

A: So far 1 Founder, 2 Co-founders and 3 Assistants. They will help you to understand the markets in the better way.

Q: What are the services you are porviding?

A: Please refer our services page to know more details.

Q: I am totally new to investing, so will this “Technical and Fundamental analysis” course be helpful for me?

A: Yes. We have created this course for both a beginner and experienced investor in mind. It will take you step-by-step into financial statement & technical analysis, helping you learn how to read, understand, and analyze financial statements & Identify various trading symbols to make better and well-studied investment decisions.

Q: How can I join in this course?

A: You can contact us through Phone, Whatsapp and Email. We will help you.

Q: What is payment procedures?

A: Payment mode:

  1. Bank Transfer:

    Bank: State bank of India

    Name: M.Rajasekar

    Saving bank account number: 33072127598

    Branch: Mettupalayam

    IFSC: SBIN0001384

    Transfer description: Your name – FunTech Educational Group

    Example: Karthik – FunTech Educational Group

  2. Paytm Transfer: Mobile number: 9600589465

Q: I am an NRI, can I join this course?

A: Yes, since this is an online course, you can join and access it from anywhere in the world.

Q: Will you discuss specific stock ideas in financial statement & Technical analysis course?

A: We hope you will find that your time and money will be profitably spent in this course; but We want to add that the purpose of this course is to provide illustrative examples and discussions in financial statement & Technical analysis only, and not to supply practical ideas for stock market operations. We assume no responsibility for anything said along the latter lines in this course.

Q: Can I email or whatsapp you my personal queries on the lessons?

A: We would like to welcome as much discussion and questions on the members-only forum, were your queries will be answered.

Q: What will be the duration of my Financial Statement Analysis & Technical analysis course?

A: It will be 2 Days( Saturday & Sunday). Timings 9:00am-6:00pm.

Q: What will be the language used?

A: The entire course will be in English language. We will try to make the communication as simple as possible, so you don’t face any hassle while understanding the language used.

Q: Can I share the content with others?

A: Please don’t! Course content & books is for members-only, and thus private to just the members who have paid to access the course and the forum. Please do not share your access details with others, neither share the content with anyone else.

Q: Is it purely an online course or will there be any offline interaction?

A: This is purely an online course. There won’t be any face-to-face interaction.

Q: What are the other supports I get form FunTech?

A: Once you attend the course, you will be given Rs5000 worth of book (Free of cost) and for 90 days FunTech team will help you in clearing your queries related to trading & investing.

Q: How do I cancel and/or get a refund?

A: Sorry, there won’t be any refunds once you made the payment. But rest assured, we won’t let you think about a refund by providing you quality education in terms of financial statement analysis & technical analysis.

Q: Can I see other members and interact with them?

A: You can do it through the members-only forum on Whatsapp.

Q: Shall I get any certificates after completing this course?

A: No. We don’t provide any certificates. We are here to educate you and make you earn better profit by understanding the market. So you no need to prove anyone that you have completed this class.


Dipti Ranjan – 7838**6383:

FunTech is a platform which keeps you updated with day to day market happenings. You may be busy today but tomorrow morning when you want to make money via stocks, it’s the analysis and experience of FunTech people that will help you in hitting the bull’s eye which you will never regret putting your hard earned cash in. I am not saying you to follow them blindly but trust them and ask some relevant and worthy questions. Don’t forget to thank them.

Saleem – 9677**7809:

Easy to understand the stock market. Nothing to tell more. Simply Good.

Ramneek – 9416**72753:

I like FunTech People’s analyzing skill and continuous news alerts.

Providing real time calls would be much helpful.

Prasant – 9742**9611:

It is good to get calls from FunTech People.

Banu Pradeep – 9704**7944:

Daily updates after market is much helpful to know the market movements on the next day.

Karthik 9042**2568:

FunTech is providing sufficient material to understand the Market but it would be better if provide more recommendations on stock tips.

Vignesh 9659**1436

My approach in stock market is entirely changed now. Your two days class are worth to attend. thank you #Rajasekar and #FunTech Team